Sunday, December 14, 2008


More swappy goodness. In addition to the zine swap, I also participated in Amy's annual ornament swap. I was so pleased with the results! Here are the ornaments I made.


They are inspired by the one I learned to make from Judy Coates Perez while I was in Houston. I believe they are also in the Quilting Arts Gifts issue.


I made nearly 20 of these ornaments. I did five for Amy's swap and several more gifts for family and friends. Here they are all packaged up.


More about those purple paper bags later.

Here are the ornaments in progress. Yes! I actually made those felted balls (while watching tv apparently).


Judy's got an excellent tutorial on her blog.

Here are the ornaments I received! On the left are some beautifully knitted leaves by kale. I'm not sure who did the lovely paper tree. The felt doll is by Dawn. The sparkly green snowflake was knit by Bertha and the tiny fairy in a tiny jar is by moki. Just wonderful.


Amy also hosted a Halloween ATC swap in which I participated. Look at all the festive art I received.


Here is one of the ATC's I made.


Whew. Swaps are super fun, but I think I need a bit of a creative break. The next thing I'll be making will be Christmas cookies! Yum!


DMD said...

Deborah, what size are the ornaments you made? Do you use a similar color of yarn inside the ball to match the roving on the outside? They are wonderful!!! Thanks for the link to Judy's tutorial, I can't wait to try these. Oh--and the "hanger"--how is that done? Sorry I have so many questions, I ought to get the magazine!

Thanks for any info you have. We are so enjoying Encrusted Cairn!!!

Kristin L said...

I've got to do one of those ornament swaps next year -- they look so fun from both the making and the receiving ends. :-)

Jeri is said...

The felted ornaments are so cool! I've done some felting with the needle, but have not heard of using the washing machine! I love these. Please do share about how you afixed the hanger, and did you felt the leaves with a needle? Or is that regular sheets of felt you can buy at JoAnns or Michaels?

Unknown said...

Deborah, they look fabulous! I love that felt doll ornament too!

For those people with the questions, the article explains everything. The QA gifts is a great issue with lots of wonderful projects. it's worth getting and having around to get a head start for next years gifts too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah-
Love your ornaments and I also love swaps, I learn so much when I do them. They really make me think outside the box.

Coincidentally, there was a post today showing a challenge for what to do with felt balls on Beading Daily and I thought you might be interested.

Melly Testa said...

I love your ornaments Deborah! And your wrapping is great too! Yum. Bet you'll be going to the post office soon!

Pam said...

Deborah - the ornaments and the ATC's are great... I smell your cookies baking... yum yum. PP