Wednesday, October 08, 2008

School Projects

We're big into school projects at the moment and it's not even time for the science fair yet.

Claire had to do a book report on a biography of a famous person and make a model of the person out of a 2 liter bottle.


She did a great job! Can you guess who?


Anonymous said...

Nice Claire! Maybe you can send this to Barack for inclusion in the Presidential Libarary!! And....Claire is so beautiful! She is growing up before our eyes!!--Lucy

Gerrie said...

Yeah, Claire! A great subject!! From an Obama Mama!

Stitchwhiz said...

I love those school projects. Reminds me of when Casey did a report on Bill Gates and Matt did one on Louis Armstrong. And I couldn't agree more with her desire to learn more about Obama, our next prez:-)

dee said...

what a beautiful girl she is and a perfect choice for a report. It's all about Obama now!

.kp. said...

how cute is that? Great job Claire!