Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This and That

Two weeks of summer left. We've had an amazing summer. I am really going to try to make the most of these last days before school starts. The kids and I will go out on some adventures -- though they won't be like this.We will also try to get back on a regular schedule in addition to gearing up for some actual school work.

I put up new Ikea shelves in my studio. They are taller and make better use of the high ceiling. Since I don't have any pressing projects right now, it's a perfect time to organize. (Next 12x12 isn't due until October 1. I do have a couple of articles to write, but that's a different type of work.)

I am also working on putting together a picture book from our road trip. I use Shutterfly and I just upload our photos, choose a layout for each page of the book, add captions and voila! It's simple, but it still takes a lot of time.

We're going shopping for school supplies tomorrow. I just might have to pick up some Sharpies or something for myself.


Anonymous said...

Don't panic! The next 12x12 deadline is 1 October.

Amy said...

deborah, i just love this photo...the orientation and colors remind me of your quilts - go figure :). the getting back on a regular schedule business is TOUGH going for us right now, how is it for you guys?