Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crazy Fun

I read about the "super foam-erator" on Betz White's blog a few weeks ago. I thought it looked crazy fun, so we gave it a try on a free afternoon at Mom and Dad's house.

It was a blast and like nothing I have ever seen before. (That's Lake Ontario in my parents' back yard.)


Bubble snakes!

You can see the details here: empty bottle, old wash cloth, rubber bands, water, dish soap. So easy.


If you want to try this, Benjamin would like to advise you: Do Not Inhale. Only Exhale Into the Bottle.


The bubbles floated all over the yard and disintegrated into shiny blobs.

Isn't it great to have fun with a toy that you didn't buy at Target and does not require batteries?


merete said...

Thanks for the tip! We have a boy here who would love to try this out as soon as he's awake.
Summerly hot here, so being outside is the best.

Anonymous said...

What fun, thanks, granma has a new trick for our annual cottage visit with our children and grandchildren, I think even the parents will play.

Bev from Peterborough

Jules said...

Thank you. We had so much fun playing with our foam snake makers this afternoon.

Gerrie said...

Oh, you know I have to try this with M & M!

kristin said...

they look like they're having a ball!! i'll have to give that one a try. :)

Amy said...

oooh! My mom just sent a link to the instructions for this a few days ago. Haven't had time to try it ourselves yet, but it's on the list! Looks so COOL.