Thursday, April 17, 2008

a bit more info

Well, thank you for all your comments on my rejected 12x12 piece. Sarah was begging me not to throw it away. Of course, I didn't throw it away. But, I did cut it up.I didn't include that in yesterday's post because I was too lazy to go take an additional picture of the cut up pieces. Another thing I didn't tell you about yesterday... I didn't like the batting I had used in this piece. I used a stiff fusible batting which really is designed to provide structure, but not really act as a traditional batting. So that was irritating me. And I had already stitched through it, so I couldn't just replace the batting.

Ultimately, all these factors made me abandon the piece. I just don't have time to work on things that are not inspiring to me. (And neither do you.) I do like that little strip of free motion quilted grass. That could be added to some future collage piece.

Speaking of inspiring, this is what I did yesterday.
All the kids in my son's class painted "quilt squares" with the theme of nature. (That's Ben's square on the top in the middle.) His art teacher sewed them together and I quilted it. She had lots of home dec fabric donated to her. She used that for the pieced borders. I had fun free motion quilting around the kids' designs. Lots of rainbows, suns, flowers and butterflies.

I'll be quilting one more quilt from one of the other kindergarten classes. This one is a sports theme.
Hmmm, I don't have a very large repertoire of sports images in my personal fmq catalog.


Sue Seibert said...

Love the kids' quilts!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Sigh... sob..... at least you still have it, even if cut!

And a word about the fusible batting... once washed it softens up! So for a bed quilt might be better... for an art piece.... maybe spritz with water once quilted and see if that takes care of the stiffness?

Cheers, Sarah