Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Benjamin's Birthday

Benjamin's sixth birthday was last Sunday. We had a delightful day beginning with donuts.At one point, Benjamin decided he needed a knife to cut his donut in half. We sent him up to ask for one. He was patient and had very nice manners.Ah, so much easier to eat just half at a time. Goodness, a whole donut is almost as big as his face.He chose chocolate frosted with sprinkles. But I also gave him a bit of my jelly-filled.After church, we were off to a spectacular party at the infamous Chuck E. Cheese.Benjamin requested a Power Rangers cake. I had a fun time finding the right toys to put on top of the cake. The decorating isn't too fancy... but it's home made!Games games games!Posing with Chuck E!Before cake, pizza! And a very fancy cup for the birthday boy.I wonder what he wished for.I used the Betty Crocker Bake n Fill pan set again. (See Claire's cake here.) This time I filled the inner section with a different flavor of cake rather than ice cream like Benjamin's cake last year.It was pretty yummy. And the kids (and some of the moms) seemed to enjoy it. Benjamin definitely enjoyed it. In fact, I'd say he had a pretty great day. He's such a fun kid! We all enjoyed the celebration.

We opened presents at home. The marshmallow shooter from Grma and Grpa was a big hit.
Can you see the tiny white dot right above Lincoln's nose? That's a mini marshmallow that you insert in the shooter and then blow. It comes zooming out and then everyone giggles. Lots of giggles (and marshmallow eating.)
Yes, I wrapped gifts in Christmas paper. Benjamin didn't seem to care or even notice. I guess that's what being six is all about.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures, wonderful party, wonderful 6 year old Benjamin! Thank you for giving me my "grandma" fix!

Anonymous said...

He has the most beautiful eyes!!!

My 8 yr old nephew loved his marshmallow shooter too....but they don't have a dog to clean up the ammo. Does Lincoln chew or just swallow?? (thinking of my aunt's dogs and caramels- first time they chewed; after that they just swallowed!)


momma helen said...

That marshmallow shooter looks like something looks like something we might have to make in our household pretty soon. Fun!