Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Well, obviously, I'm a bit late in posting these Thanksgiving pictures. That's Grma M and Grpa T joining us around the table. It was a wonderful day. Actually, we had a whole week of fun together. Claire made these beautiful place cards. We found a template online and she cut and colored and wrote all the names.I'm swamped this week with all kinds of projects. Thanks for the wonderfully enthusiastic response to the "5 Artists: 5 Views" book and photos.

Joanne said she enjoys reading new blog posts even if I only write about what flavor of coffee I enjoy. I do like the Coffee Mate seasonal Peppermint Mocha creamer. Yum.

I've also been searching the ice cream aisle for a seasonal peppermint flavor. It hasn't arrived yet. Come one! It's December 4 already!

What are your favorite seasonal items?


Kristin L said...

Oh goodie! In Germany, life is all about tehseasonal items. i could go on and on about what I've come to anticipate at each time of year. November and January tend to be grey and dull here, but December's saving grace is the Christmas activities and the markets. The smell of cookies baking at home (it's the law that you must have cookies all month long ;-)) and the smell of mulled wine at the markets define December for me. I also look forward to the special Weihnachtschocoladen available only at this time of the year. My all time favorite is almonds covered in chocolate that has been flavored with cinnamon and cardamon and then the whole thing is rolled in cocoa.

Gerrie said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw peppermint ice cream and light as in low fat. I have been having a little scoop every other day or so. Love it so much with non-fat splenda sweetened hot fudge. I think I will go buy another one before it is gone.

Come on over and I will share!!

Shelina said...

Claire made beautiful placecards. Such a clever idea - but what can you expect from such a talented mother? The Artists: 5 views book is wonderful. I love how you made it interactive - it is like a different book everytime you look at it.

Jeri said...

Deborah - don't y'all have Braum's? I think they make a peppermint ice cream, part of their holiday flavor selections.

Anonymous said...

Claire is definitely her mother's daughter!!

My favorite seasonal item is a bit different....it's pomegranites. Just love them, even if they are a PITA to eat!!


Terry Grant said...

My favorite seasonal things are Starbuck's Eggnog lattes and clementines. Gerrie's lowfat peppermint ice cream with sugar free hot fudge, however, is sounding SO good I may have to get me some!

I miss having a child in the house to make beautiful placecards for special occasions. Adults cannot make decent placecards. Claire's are so sweet.