Sunday, December 09, 2007

Catching Up

Just a bit of this and that.

Look at these stamps I made at "Make It University" in Houston! Jane Davila taught a wonderful short little workshop full of tons of tips. I carved that little "pomegranate" out of Speedy Cut. I like Judy Perez's pomegranate design so so so much better than mine. I was a bit stumped on what kind of stamp to make with the fun foam, so I resorted to my beloved pattern of river rocks. First I made them into an archway, but I didn't love that, so I just added more to create a general background type pattern. It was made by cutting fun foam and sticking it onto a sheet of plexi. The fun foam actually comes with a sticky back. Just peel off the paper! Ta Da!

The circle stamp with the lines was made with a craft store "marshmallow." We just made narrow slits to create the lines.

Here are some more Houston treasures. Two rolls of hand dyed fabrics -- one in warms and one in cools. I could hear Gerrie's voice in my head telling me to try new color ways. That's why I bought the bright yellow, orange and red.
I found hand dyed cheese cloth to match. And a delicious selection of silk stuff!

And one more funny picture of Claire and Benjamin. This was a post-Halloween project: Candy Sorting!
Some of these pieces have since been used to decorate gingerbread houses!


English Rose said...

Hi , I just tried to email you using the button on your sidebar, and it wouldn't go because it was a arong address. Is there any other way to reach you?

Kristin L said...

I've been wanting to make eraser stamps for a while too, but haven't gotten around to it. Your river rocks will probably be very useful, and I'm sure you'll find the perfect place to use the pomegranate!

kathy said...

cheesecloth and is that a bag of wool? Can't wait to see what you create with these!

Dale Anne Potter said...

Instead of using that as a could pass as a poppy head.
THANKS for the reminder to get back to making some of my own stamps!!!

Gerrie said...

I would so love a bag of hand-dyed cheesecloth. I must buy some and remember to throw it in the dye bath. So glad that I am inspiring you to try other color ways. I know that I have really evolved in my color use and I can always go back to lime green and red, any time.

momma helen said...

Oh, you must have read my mind! I'm working on making greeting cards from some of our inchies, and was really wishing I knew how to make a stamp to use as our signature on the back.

.kp. said...

am i the only idiot that didnt think to use the old halloween candy for the gingerbread house? when did that mom memo come out? ugh!