Friday, July 20, 2007


I finally made window treatments for the family room from the fabric I bought way back in October. You can read about my fabric shopping trip here. I had to reread it myself, it was so long ago.

I'm thrilled with the results... the picture isn't much, but they are simple and just right for the room. They warm it up a bit and make it look more finished. I followed this video from the HGTV website. Super easy... but extremely boring. This is the kind of sewing I just despise. All that measuring, long seams, pressing. Arg. Tedious. Monotonous. And dull. In fact it's so dull, while I was sewing I tried to think of more synonyms for "dull."

I also listened to several episodes of Fair Game podcasts. Love love love that show. It's so witty and interesting.

Now that I'm done with skirts (Thanks for all your enthusiastic compliments!) and curtains for the moment, I'm working on this.


dee said...

the sewing may be boring but it looks wonderful. Love those fabris especially the stripe and, who doesn't love a tassel or twelve. I can no longer go to JoAnn's in Westbury because my best friend insists on pointing out the various uses for tassels to anyone passing by. Can't wait to see what's up with the new piece-yummy colors.

Anonymous said...

I always count the money I am saving, in my head. You can really save a lot measuring and sewing your own window treatments. You have a nice soft palette for your new project - very Deborah!

Anonymous said...

I like the curtains, you did a great job! The new project is beautiful!
God bless :)

momma helen said...

How fun to see the first steps of your next project! I like the contrast between the variety on the hand dyeds and the rhythm of the printed materials. I wouldn't have thought of that.