Thursday, May 31, 2007

You'd Think All We Did Was Eat

We did enjoy several fabulous meals, made most-fabulous by the company. When I arrived at Kate's house I found Kathy and Sarah enjoying a glass of wine of the deck. I joined in and eventually we enjoyed...a yummy chicken broccoli casserole (recipe please Kathy?), fresh salad and cinnamon muffins. Kate's deck was just lovely. I can't believe the fresh-cut lilacs didn't make this picture. They were tipping over in the breeze, so we had to put them on the floor. (I think the laundry on the line is also quite scenic.)

The next morning Sarah made us blueberry pancakes -- wild, organic Maine berries from the farmers' co-op -- and bacon with REAL maple syrup and some grapes and watermelon and of course, coffee. You can see me drinking my first cup here. This was probably the third cup.Every delicious bite devoured. Isn't that table cloth amazing?The next day when Kate returned, she came carrying fresh lobster. Decadent and divine.Kate had been away for the weekend, so the first evening was just Sarah, Kathy and me. The next night was Kate and Hannah and me. Such a wonderful friend to host us in her home when she wasn't even there! Also a bit of sushi appetizer and more salad with all kinds of tasties like sunflower seeds, oranges and edamame.Kate is an experienced lobster eater. Hannah and I just followed along and loved every sweet buttery morsel.

We had our official Frayed Edges meeting at Kathy's home which is nestled in the beautiful Maine woodlands and every corner is warm, welcoming and so full of art -- the kind you hang on the wall and the kind you just live.

How is this for an artful table setting?

Lilies of the valley from the back yard, found sea glass bottle, beautiful dishes.A Frayed Edges favorite: English muffins, ranch, fresh avocado and tomatoes.Salad:take three. Still scrumptious!We look happy, I think. We were.It really made me feel so special to have all these meals so wonderfully and lovingly prepared for us all to share. Thank you Kathy, Sarah, Kate and Hannah.
On Tuesday, Kate and I lunched at FlatBread in Portland. The night before I asked her what her favorite lunch spot was. Imagine my delight in hearing her favorite spot is also my favorite spot.

I didn't actually take this photo -- but it is a real photo from the FlatBread folks. And it was delicious!

I'm inspired to share more meals together with friends and to set an artful table and to appreciate all of our times together.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures - wonderful friends - wonderful memories!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lordy! I have missed the Frayed Edges food. I have never been a group that enjoyed such wonderful food.

Sonji Hunt said...

We are all just traveling fools lately! It must have been so great to be with your friends and never apologize for's a bonding thing and just gorgeous to look at.