Monday, January 08, 2007

This and That

I finished packing up all the Christmas decorations today. Yippee. Our house feels so open and clean. I love love love Christmas but after awhile it starts to look messy. I even reorganized some of our boxes and labeled stuff so I know where it goes next year. I also put each child's personal ornaments in a personal box. They get to pick out an ornament each year and I date them. Previously, they just got lumped in with all the other ornaments, now they have separate boxes. My parents gave me my personal box when I got married -- it's full of old, fragile treasures. Actually, Benjamin wanted a Spiderman ornament this year and we never found one. Ebay to the rescue. I ordered one yesterday and it should be here in time to slip into the box before I gets put up in the attic. So, it didn't hang on the tree this year, oh well... the idea is still good.

I am so bummed that Blogrolling is no longer working. I loved my link list and knowing when one of my favorite blogs had been updated. I'm going to remove my links altogether later this week. So, if you've got favorites there that you always link to through me, please make a note. I'll put the links back up in some new format in the next several weeks. And I'll include some of my new blog crushes.

The vast wasteland of January. There is nothing on tv. I even had to resort to a bit of Deal or No Deal while packing up the Christmas ornaments. I'm still enjoying Top Chef and discovered Suvivorman! Yowza. If you have dvr, do a search and record an episode. It's amazing to watch one guy who is *stranded* in a challenging environment with only a pocket knife and the clothes on his back (and 50 lbs of camera equipment). Looking forward to the return of LOST in a month or so.

Claire and Benjamin had so much fun visiting their cousins after Christmas. One of the highlights was collecting ladybugs from under Grandpa's tree. There were tons of them! Look at those blue-eyed girls! So beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah
I just successfully added your blog details to my side bar using so hopefully your blogroll troubles are but a temporary glitch. If you would like to add my blog to your list, please use my new address:

Lisa said...

See what happens when we are desperate for something to entertain us on TV!?! It's rock bottom when you start watching Deal or No Deal, I know, I'M THERE! Soon LOST and Amazing Race All Stars will be on! I may even try to get into American Idol this season. Check out the Grease show. I can't remember what it's called but it's a little like idol.

Anonymous said...

The kids sure do look great.

Survivorman??? Do you mean "Man vs Wild" where the ex-special forces guy from Britan gets dumped into all sorts of great places, like the desert island, or the Sierra Nevada mountains?? Great show. I love the Discovery Channel.....


Anonymous said...

I am going to dump blogroll, too. My blog is going to wordpress and will be part of my website so I will make changes then.

I love the ornament idea. Wish I had done something like that for my kids - I mean more organized. They each received some ornaments that were special to them or had their names on them.

Shelina said...

I use bloglines to keep track of my blogs. I did find it amazing how something that looked so pretty and festive, looked crowded and cluttery once Christmas was over. Good for you for putting things away in an organized fashion. You'll thank yourself next year!