Saturday, February 04, 2006

Art Quilts Maine

I really enjoyed our Art Quilts Maine meeting today. I was telling about my blog, so I figured I should get something new posted so that if some AQM members come to check me out, they'll see all this cool stuff.

In the morning, we had a stamp carving and angelina workshop. I chose to work on stamp carving. It's such a fun activity. It can be as easy or as complicated as you like. And the results are so immediate.

Here you can see the bird I carved, and another branch shape in the works. That's my Frayed Edges exchange notebook cover that Kate made for me on the right. Isn't it marvelous?

Here are the impressions made by my two finished stamps.

I'm thrilled with how that branch turned out. Does it look familiar? I'm not so sure about the bird. He needs an eyeball. And I wish I hadn't completely carved out that wing.

And here are some of the stamps everyone else did. Amazing, don't you think? That's less than an hour of work.

We were all quite inspired by Gloria Page's book Art Stamping Workshop. Some of these shapes are from her templates.

And then on to show and tell. I took some more pictures. But sometimes I'm hesitant to publish others work without their permission. I encouraged several to start their own blogs, so maybe you'll see their work in the blog-o-sphere, eventually.

I will show you one of Kathy's pieces even though she now has a blog. It's so wonderful!

You can't even see the wonderful quilting or beading. Kathy, you must put some close ups on your blog when it's done.

I'll also show you an amazing close up of Sarah's latest quilt. You can read all about it on her blog. She is a master of quilting words and I love the effect.

I carpooled with great friends and we drove through Dunkin Donuts on the way home for Iced Mocha Swirl Lattes. And saw a bald eagle sitting in a tree along the river. Could it get any better? I am richly blessed.


Anonymous said...

Such talented friends you have. And you too, of course. Do we see a series of tree postcards emerging??? IMHO, I like the bird, and the negative space of the wing. You could echo the wing shape in background fusing/applique/quilting/stamps, your choice. As for an eye, how about a bead? Lots of opportunities. Of course, you could always carve a new bird, now that you have the skills.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

You are SO prompt and efficient, and I didn't know you took that picture of my quilt...thanks and cool!!!!
Hugs, Sarah

~jolene said...

Deborah- Hi!
I see that we both love the 'instant gratification' that stamp carving brings! It is somewhat addicting don't you think? I had no idea Gloria's book was, I am really in a time warp here :) I am loving your blog and have bookmarked it so I can fully enjoy it as time allows.
Corona del Mar (a seaside village in Newport Beach), California

Anonymous said...

I have all the materials to carve the stamps - so cool! I must do some soon.

Joanne S said...

So happy you had a great time at ArtQuilts. The stamps look wonderful. I have three blanks and the tools and --well, I feel a stamp coming on.

kathy said...

friends, dunkin donuts and an eagle...I'm envious... I had to drive home alone in the other direction! But I meandered and took a different route, just savoring the hours spent with my creative friends.

mary m. said...

Your stamps are fantastic, Deb! And thanks to the links to Kathy and Sarah's blogs...

Elle said...

Thanks for sharing! What did you use to make your stamps? Love them!

Brooke said...

Oh, carving linoleum blocks for stamps! I remember this fondly. I showed the pictures to my 10-year-old daughter Glory, and from your pictures she was inspired enough to want to try her own. What a great way for her to get an idea - not from me!

PaMdora said...

I like the branch and all the other stamps. Makes me want to carve some stamps too!