Friday, January 13, 2006

Yeah! Baby Girls!

About the only time I piece "traditional" quilts is when my friends have babies. What better reason?!

I brought all the fabrics and my rotary cutter to the last Art Quilts Maine "sit and sew." It was a great project for a day of cutting, sewing, chatting, eatting and generally feeling no pressure.

But then I had all those blocks and I actually had to piece them together.

This is for Baby Louisa who has moved to Washington state and I've not met yet. It's also for big sister Caroline. A celebration gift for sisterhood! It's just the right size to put over a stroller, or cover a dolly bed or lay upon when one is having one's diaper changed.

And this is for Baby Hannah who is coming home from China today! I've been friends with mother Shannan since college and we've shared so much of our lives together. I was thrilled to make this quilt to honor that long friendship and the blessing of a long-awaited daughter. As Shannan said, "We didn't have an 'easy button.'"

Here's the back of the larger quilt. I was determined not to buy any more fabric and was able to piece together these wonky stripes.

The blocks are from Jan Mullen's Cut-Loose Quilts. This book is always inspiring. I've come back to it many times and it always gives me a new idea. I see you can get it used for ten bucks on Amazon.

The next Art Quilts Maine "sit and sew" is next weekend. What will I work on then?


Anonymous said...

Cuuuute! That is my favorite pttern for baby quilts. Now I have an urge to make one, too!!

Lisa Call said...

What fun bright colors! It's great to make a traditional quilt now and then - there's no pressure - it's like kindergarten or something. Just playing!

Deb R said...

I LOVE these, Deborah! They're bright and cheerful and perfect for little girls.

Anonymous said...

these are soooo fun. and adorable. I just finsihed a baby quilt for a cousins first girl. I made a "hugs and kisses" pattern in reproduction 30s prints. Very girly-girl. Lots of fun and a change of pace for me. I'm into asian fabric and civil war repro's a well as hand dyes. Congrats on the house and I hope you will still blog. I look forward to your art and insight. hugs from NY- Dee

Lauri said...

Beautiful quilts! I love the bright colors!!!