Monday, December 19, 2005

I totally lied.

Didn't I say just yesterday that I was staying out of my studio. Not so much.

I bought this wonderfully whimsical pin from Frayed Edge Kathy last week and I just love it.

(Must read camera manual about close-up shots.) In fact, I wore it to church on Sunday on my denim jacket and it kinda blended into the blue of the jacket. I thought to myself, "I could make one in Christmassy colors. That would be fun."

Gather straws, beads, wire, fabric, glue, other stuff. Spread it all out on previously clean studio table.

I took this picture after I ate the cookie that was also sitting on the table.

And here they are...

I probably got carried away. I think I made about 20. Fun.

The kids and I watched the ABC Disney version of Once Upon a Mattress while I made the pins. It was delightful. Claire absolutely loved it. I can hardly believe Carol Burnett is 72! Wow. I did have some trouble explaining why it was a problem that Princess Larkin was pregnant though unmarried. Of course, we had that same discussion at church yesterday morning in regard to the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary). Nothing that a good song and dance routine can't distract you from!


Joanne S said...

Are these based on the drinking straw project that you all did at AQMe? Looks like fabric wrapped around the straw (?) then threads and charms (?) I can make that! I think I will with a twist--several straw "beads" stacked Christmas tree style with charms and buttons as ornaments---pictures at 11.

Anonymous said...

You bad, bad woman! These are so cute and easy looking that I must now make one for me. As if I didn't have enough on my plate already!

Deb R said...

Cute pins!

And I loved "Once Upon a Mattress". I can just barely remember the version from years ago, when Carol Burnett played the princess and Ken Barry (Berry?) was the prince. The main thing that stuck with me was him singing "I'm in Love with a Girl named Fred". I thought it was so cool that Carol was the scheming queen in this new version and Tracy Ullman made a great Princess Fred. (Carol looks fabo for her age!)

Anonymous said...

Cool! I hope I'm on your Christmas list for a new pin!

gabrielle said...

Missed seeing the cookie...but that sugar rush got you going, all right. These pins are very wonderful. Did you get it out of your system or should we expect even more wonderful trinkets?

Nikki said...

I was very busy thinking up some good resolutions about making quilts and not getting distracted and now I'm all distracted and wanting to make some excellent little pins.