Friday, October 28, 2005

Family Pictures

I know I have a certain few readers out there (who go by the names grma and grpa) who have missed pictures of the kids of late. Enough with all the art... how about the grand kids?! Here they are. (I'm kidding, they are all enthusiastic and supportive about the art too.)

These pictures are from our trip with Claire's class to Chipman Farms Pumpkin Land.

Queen of the Hay Bales -- the white spot on the left is the moon, it was a beautiful clear day.

How cool is this big slide? You could go really fast if you laid down on your coat with the slick inner lining facing the slide.

Cutest boy in all of Pumpkin Land

It was lovely... though the rains have washed away the usual brilliant fall colors.

Jeff and the kids only made it to the first turn in the corn maze... too muddy. (Remember I mentioned the rain? Not so good for the corn maze.)

A beautiful fun day! Expect more kid pictures soon -- in costume!


Karoda said...

I know they loved that slide...heck, I would love that slide! Looks like a wonderful day was had!

Gerrie said...

Yep! We grandparents crave those pics!! Can't wait to see the costumes - are you making them?

Anonymous said...

This grandma is sad - the pictures only show as a box. I'll have to use my imagination until my computer decides to be nice to me!