Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rock Star

I'm still loving Rock Star: INXS. But I can't believe it's going on for several more weeks. Please, isn't that a bit in excess?

I wrote most of the following after the Tuesday night performance show. My comments in green are written today after the elimination show.

Suzy pulled out all the stops and it paid off. I used to think Jordis was the only real female contender. Not tonight. I predicted she would get the encore and was correct. I think it was more of a nod to "most improved" rather than the absolute best performance of the night.

JD... I'll admit, he's an ass. He's immature, manipulative, unpredictable and cocky. But, I thought Cold as Ice was awesome. He's a bit entracing. Actually, I voted for the first time -- two votes for JD.

Deanna. Did she get a paper cut on that left hand? Or a burn? She's always shaking it about like she's in pain. And must she stick her bum out so much? And the skirt? Yikes. The song was ok and her witty banter with the band after the critique was quite good. The better of the two original songs. Sorry to see her go. But she wasn't ultimately going to make it to the end. It really is going to continue to get very difficult to elimate any of these great talents. Makes for good drama.

Ty gave a predictable, but great redition of Proud Mary. Really. What can you expect? He gives the most consistendly good performances of the group. But may lack the "it" factor. He's quite emotional, isn't he? I think I may need to cast some votes his way. He needs to stick around a bit longer and doesn't really belong in the bottom three.

Mig, what was up with the zebra striped crotch? (I looked for a picture to link, no luck.) And please get that hair out of your face. There were parts of the song that I liked, but "castle in the sky" isn't a very rock and roll image.

Marty belongs in a Tim Burton cartoon. Too intense. I love that song, but he just creeps me out a bit. Ok, all that stuff about INXS testing him was very interesting, but what does it really mean? His version of "Don't Change" was awesome. He is clearly a front runner. (Though still a bit freaky.)

Jordis. Oh dear, honey. That was terrible. You couldn't pull that hat any further down over your face while listening to the critique. Let's hope that one strike doesn't knock you out because I really love you most of the time. (Though ultimately, you're just not right for the band, INXS.) She looked completely humiliated not to be in the bottom three. I guess the public vote is unpredictable.


Debra said...

Ok, so who are you thinking is the front runner for the band??

JD. Nope. I think the band has decided he's not band material.

Suzy. Will the band choose a female lead??

Marty. Scary.. and you're right a Tim Burton-y feel. Don't see him sticking to the end.

Jordis. Like I said a couple weeks ago, I think her fate was sealed when they asked if she liked singing covers.

Mig. Seems a bit soft.

Ty.. steady and predictable. I have a feeling it will Ty and female at the end.

I wonder now if some of these great performers will get their own deals...

Sonji Hunt said...

You are so funny. I keep forgeting to watch this show. I was all wound up in it for a couple of episodes and then I forgot about it somehow. I'm a bad tv whore. I'm not dedicated.