Friday, April 29, 2005

Favorite Sandwich?

Some other bloggers have been posting answers to the current meme. I just want to tell you about my favorite sandwich... coke vs. pepsi? Diamonds vs. pearls? Morning vs. night? All of this pales in comparison to the...

Green Turkey Sub from The Yellow Sub in Lawrence, Kansas

I suppose it would be good from any of their other locations, but it just wouldn't be the same to me.

The green turkey is a sub made with whole wheat bread, deli turkey, salsa, cream cheese, guacamole and bacon -- TOASTED!

It is a messy delight! One time when I was visiting friends here and there across the great state of Kansas, I stopped at 10 am to get a green turkey because I wasn't sure when I might come to another Yellow Sub. Gosh... it's been too long. I can't even remember the last time I had one. And, yes, I've tried to replicate it at home and it's just not the same.

The Bacon Turkey Bravo from Panera is a decent substitute, but leaves me feeling nostalgic for the great plains and the sounds of the bells ringing from the campanile on the campus of The University of Kansas.

Rock Chalk Jay Hawk!

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Logan said...

That sounds soooooo good! Yumm, guacamole & bacon. When I first read the name (Green Turkey Sandwich) I shuddered, but now I want one!